Chessari Typeface

For me, this project was about two things: learning a new skill and exploring something that I have a passion for. Having never attempted to create a typeface before the entire process was foreign to me, from being unfamiliar with the UFO editing program (RoboFont, I will learn to love you one day) to the actual construction of a font. There are already so many typefaces out there, so what sets this one apart from the rest? The point of difference for Chessari is I have designed it with a very specific function in mind.

Chessari has been designed with its function as the main motivation when making decisions regarding how it looks, feels and behaves. It is an old-style serif body text font that is for on-screen applications. This means it needs to be very legible to successfully fulfill what I have set out to achieve, while also having a little bit of funk to separate this serif typeface from every other serif out there.

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